Cocoa Delight

$ 4.95

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An unscented-luxurious bar of soap for those that do not prefer a fragranced soap or have sensitive skin. Packed with goodies as heavy cream, buttermilk, cocoa butter and aloe vera juice.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, organic palm, coconut, castor, cocoa butter, aloe vera juice, buttermilk, heavy cream, sodium lactate, kaolin clay, skin safe colorant, cocoa powder.

Price is for one 5.0 oz bar, this is an approximate weight minimal variations are due to hand cutting. All of our soaps are made in small batches, to ensure a high quality product.

Advice: Leaving it out of water while not in use, preferably in a draining dish will help keep your soap for the longest possible time.

While our products are just as beautiful as pictured, each batch is handmade and this is seen through the slight variations in each piece.


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