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Yes, we know, every guy with a beard needs Beard Oil!
Why? Because beard oil helps soften and tame beard hair and hydrates the skin. The ideal beard should look shiny and groomed.
Directions: The best time to apply the oil is first thing in the morning right after a warm shower, this way, your hair follicles and pores are open and can easily absorb the oil. The amount of oil you use will depend on the length and thickness of your beard. For a beard that is shorter than two inches you can safely apply about 2-3 drops of oil. For a longer, thicker beard you should be using about 3-6 drops. Place the desired amount of oil in your hands, then massage it throughout your beard. If your beard is longer, use a comb to make sure the product coats every hair and moisturizes your skin. Less is more! You can apply daily with no harm to your skin or hair.
All of our beard oils are hand crafted with raw ingredients, are easily absorbed and will leave your beard and mustache full, soft, and healthy.
Beard oil will keep your facial hair flake-free and smelling fresh, so get to grooming, fellas! :)